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Assembly: 1, the cabinet assembled touch screen +2, the touch screen + LCD assembly (box double-sided adhesive stickers, the whole optical glue bonding two ways)3, Touch Screen + LCD + chassis assembly
Membrane Switch Membrane switch, the film panel is internationally popular in recent years, a set of decorative and functional as one of electronic products a new operating system, set the switch button, Panel function text, marks, trademarks, and the transparent window display for one, it has been widely used in Membrane Switch intelligent electronic measuring instruments, medical equipment, computer-controlled, numerical control machine tools, electronic weighing, postal communications, copiers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric fans, washing machines, electronic games and other kinds of industrial and household products. Main types: 1. nameplates2. The flat-free touch type3. The convex touch type4. convex touch type metal shrapnel5. With LED-lamp various types of Memb...
Resistive touch screen   Overview: Resistive touch screen from the next line (glass or film material) conductive ITO layer and the line (film material) conductive ITO layer. Use subtle insulating intermediate point separated when the touch screen surface without pressure, the bottom line into the open. Once the pressure applied to the touch screen, the vertical line is turned on, the controller through the lower conductive ITO layer line drive voltage is applied in the X coordinate direction, through conductive ITO layer on the line probe on the voltage detected in the X direction,, thus calculate the X coordinate of the contact. Through the controller to change the direction of the applied voltage, empathy can be measured contacts the Y coordinate, so as to clarify the...
Flat resistive touch screen  Overview: Flat resistive touch screen is different from the traditional resistive touch screen in the structure, which is on the surface of the traditional resistive touch screen adds a layer of panel material or a membrane switch, optical touch screen and below the gum paste together, You can meet different customers with its stylish appearance, innovative design, mirror and various tactile quality and design requirements.The main technical parameters: 1.Environmental parameters projectNumericalOperating temperature range-30℃~+80℃Storage temperature range-40℃~+85℃ 2.Mechanical behavior   3. Electrical Performance projectNumericalMaximum voltage5V DC 5V (DC)The maximum current valueOn line35mAUnder Line35mAL...
Projected capacitive touch screen  Overview: Action principle of the projected capacitive touch panel: There are two layers of glass in the lower surface of the ITO layer, the electric field formed X-axis and Y-axis, the electric field through the power lines to keep the glass surface electric field balance. Once the finger is close to the glass surface, and the finger electrode X or Y to form a new field, so that local changes in capacitance, the controller determines the position based on a change in capacitance. Capacitive touch screen with the traditional resistive touch screen is very different. Resistive touch screens at work, you can only judge a touch point, if two or more touch points, you can not make the right judgments, so resistive touch screen applies only to c...
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